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The Red Sox are the reigning World Series champions. The Patriots are less than four months removed from confetti landing on their helmets. The Bruins are four wins away from winning their second Stanley Cup this decade, and yet the most discussed topic in the city is “What in the blue hell went...

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May 19 (UPI) —  Brooks Koepka  won the 2019 PGA Championship on Sunday for the second consecutive year as he shot 8-under par at Bethpage Black, defeating  Dustin Johnson  by two strokes. Koepka became the first player since  Tiger Woods  to win the PGA Championship in back-to-back years...

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While many skiers were blowing the dust off of their rollerskis, hitting the track or trail, or looking for crust to cruise on May 1st, Erik Bjornsen and his wife Marine Dusser were previewing the race course for the Fossavatn Ski Marathon, or Fossavatngangan, in Isafjördur, Iceland.    While it...



Death end re;Quest / デス エンド リクエスト / 死亡終局 輪廻試練 is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!* Death end re;Quest takes the classic turn-based RPG and flips it upside-down. Switch between the RPG action of the game world and the visual novel segments of the real world. In the realm of game...


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~~We all have genius within us. Many never access it. Genius, because of our social conditioning, is almost always frustrated and ahead of its time.~~ Western medicine with it’s penchant for suppression is a real political force. In suppressing the body’s cries we are also denying the psyche. ...



NASA's smallest exoplanet-hunting satellite, the CubeSat ASTERIA, recently captured photographs of Los Angeles from 250 miles above Earth's surface.



We've made it to the grand finale of GoT - watch Game of Thrones season 8, episode 6 online from wherever you are.



On May 15, the Bitcoin Cash network successfully upgraded by implementing Schnorr signatures, after which a few developers processed some basic Schnorr signatures. Then, on Saturday, May 18, software developers Chris Pacia, Mark Lundeberg, and Checksum0 performed the first multi-sig Schnorr...