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The state ethics commission voted Monday to hire David Emadi, the chief assistant district attorney in Douglas County, as its new director.

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New York police played cowboy Tuesday when they wrangled a loose bovine running wild on a stretch of highway in the city.

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A World Championship. A career-best result. For Joanne Reid of the US Biathlon team in Östersund, Sweden, the recently concluded IBU World Championships were a highlight. It was a fine series of races for the twenty-six year old last week — it was a great moment for her to rise and shine....



Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island , all new content for Two Point Hospital is Now Available on Steam! Blaze a sterilised trail through a tropical island for an eccentric millionaire in search of a fabled source of death-defying water


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The below is a response to this article and others like it: How Narcissists Play the Victim and Twist the Story All I ever see in these articles about the evil narcissists are massive amounts of projection and an incapacity to actually look at oneself. Meaning the author is not looking at...



Happy Equinox!   With this latest turn of the yearly wheel on March 20th I’ve decided to present a guest article by J. Duval, editor-in-chief a t Edelwyn.   Looking at a Washington DC chart for this Equinox we see the Moon in Virgo rising which is perfect for this article about …...



Google’s gamepad is an experiment in industrial design, but can it topple the DualShock 4 and Xbox One controller?



Quadrigacx co-founder Michael Patryn is actually a convicted criminal who went by the name Omar Dhanani, a Bloomberg report alleges. Dhanani has been previously convicted of identity theft linked to bank and credit card fraud and sentenced to 18 months in a U.S. federal prison. He was later...