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In this week’s politics chat , we look back on the first month of President Trump’s tenure and talk about what we were most surprised by. The transcript below has been lightly edited. More Politics micah ( Micah Cohen , politics editor): Welcome! Today’s topic: What’s been the most...

World News

World News

Demonstrators near the site of the Dakota Access pipeline braced for a showdown with authorities on Wednesday, as protest leaders said at least some would defy a deadline to abandon the camp they have occupied for months to halt the project. Native Americans and environmental activists have...

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MLB News

What rule changes would you like to see quicken the pace of play? - MLB Daily Dish Months after ratifying a new CBA, it appears the commissioner and the MLBPA aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

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San Diego Chargers

Best NFL cornerback versus each route type - Eliot Crist Talib led the league in QB rating against on hitches and comebacks, at 15.4. He was targeted on 16 such passes, allowing seven catches for 63 yards, only 9 of which came after the catch. Talib had the third-most interceptions, with two,...



Tesco came out on top all round with the Tesco Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate Hidden Egg, costing £15.  Tesco’s Finest egg wowed the judges with its decadent look and “meltingly smooth chocolate.” The Bettys Trio of Spring Flower Eggs, £27.50, came joint top. Both the confectionaries achieved...



The ‘Hello’ singer has been open about her weight loss, and revealed her secret to slimming down was cutting out one particular thing from her diet.  She recently confessed she’s been banned from eating curry on tour, which almost certainly keeps her trim.  But she revealed this is just...



1 Total Shares [embedded content] Will Sweden survive the flood of Neptune on its descendant? (In the house of open enemies.) Transits are discussed, the phenomena of Stockholm syndrome, Beta-males, Persephone and victim/saviour themes. Mars is very weak in Sweden’s...



 In its continued effort to divide and conquer, About.com is launching yet another standalone media brand in the form of The Spruce, a site dedicated to home improvement and food. The new site brings over more than 50,000 pieces of content covering home decor/design, food and recipes,...



Michael Mackenzie highlights what to watch in markets on Wednesday

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