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1,625-foot inflatable obstacle course is world's largest

1,625-foot inflatable obstacle course is world's largest

May 15 (UPI) -- Guinness World Records announced the world's largest inflatable obstacle course measures 1,625.72 feet long and is dubbed The Beast.

The record-keeping organization said The Beast, designed by Hold My Shoes and V-Formation, was officially measured after making its debut in Belgium last year.

The course, which features 60 challenge sections and five wipe-out obstacles at the end, is due to visit Britain for a three-day stay May 26-28 in Betteshanger Country Park near Deal, England. The obstacle course is also slated to visit Australia, Japan, Brazil and several other countries.

"We started off by making our first parts years ago based on a simple connector idea so we could easily attach new pieces. After doing that, we just wanted to make new themes, so we decided to make each track unique, one of a kind," Hold My Shoes founder Benedikt De Vreese said.

He said the course kept growing until it became so large they decided to seek out a Guinness World Record.

"Now we realize that we earned that title by being creative, innovative, patient and authentic. We bring people together with it, we provide a lot of fun and we make people move!" he said.