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Affiliate Marketing For A Blog’s Revenue Growth – A #ShoutersChat Recap

Affiliate Marketing For A Blog’s Revenue Growth – A #ShoutersChat Recap

Grow Blog's Revenue

Affiliate Marketing is a highly used term. People who are in the digital marketing industry know why this word is so commonly used and what its benefits are. Well, affiliate marketing is a very common way of marketing wherein you bring promote someone else’s product to earn a commission, a very lucrative way to earn money indeed.

As a blogger, the risk involved in affiliate marketing is low and the reward earned is high. You don’t need to have your own product, you can promote a product that you really like and get a commission each time someone buys from your affiliate link.

Let’s say, you have 1000 loyal readers and 10% of them buy something from your affiliate link. In such a scenario, you will earn much more money than Google Adsense in the same situation.

So, how do you use Affiliate Marketing to grow your Blog’s Revenue? To answer that question, we thought of talking about it with the fellow Shouters. Therefore, this week’s topic for #ShoutersChat was “Affiliate Marketing for A Blog’s Revenue Growth”

We discussed the need for using Affiliate Marketing. We also talked about the traffic requirements to start using an affiliate program. Promotion of affiliate products and the affiliate marketing goals of Shouters was also among the few things we discussed.

Here is a recap of each question and the top answers by Shouters.

Q1. Why should someone prefer affiliate marketing?

Why Affiliate Marketing

From the Shouter community:

A1. Affiliate marketing benefits are compounding and highly rewarding. Although you need to build trust before you could sell any product. Great affiliate marketers to follow @JohnChow & @denharsh #ShoutersChat

— Mohd Adnan (@shoutadnan) March 3, 2018

A1. Affiliate Marketing is one of the lucrative ways to make money online. People love it because you can make money by recommending products and services to your users which really helps them. So, it is quite a win-win situation. #ShoutersChat

— Vishwajeet Kumar (@vishwa328) March 3, 2018

A1) The most important thing about affiliate marketing is that it's user friendly, it doesn't irritates and still brings more income than any other methods. #ShoutersChat

— Bishnu Mahali (@itsBishnuMahali) March 3, 2018

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Q2. How much traffic should you have to start affiliate marketing?

Start Affiliate marketing

From the Shouter community:

A2. Traffic does not matter in affiliate marketing and that's why I like it. If you have a right product for your users then you can seriously upscale your sales and conversions. I made my first commission when My blog gets 10 to 20 visitors per day. #ShoutersChat

— Vishwajeet Kumar (@vishwa328) March 3, 2018


In affiliate marketing, there is no fixed amount of traffic you need to get things started.

You just have to get your ways of advertising to work to you.

And lastly you can monetize even with 100 visits or lower.

But traffic targeting maters.


— AffGrowthBlog (@aff_growth) March 3, 2018

You should promote from day one. That is what I've planned to do initially. You never know when a reader is convinced by your post and hits the buy link #ShoutersChat

— Mohd Adnan (@shoutadnan) March 3, 2018

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Q3. What things do you look at before joining an affiliate program?

Joining an Affiliate Program

From the Shouter community:

1. Product value – Is it really worth at that price and is it really better than its competitors?
2. Reputation of a brand. How long are they in the industry?
3. Payment method
4. Minimum payout amount #ShoutersChat

— Mohd Adnan (@shoutadnan) March 3, 2018

A3. I usually Look Following things before joining an affiliate program:
1. Relevancy of products to my users.
2. Popularity of Products and services.
3. Products and services refund rates.
It helps me to find right programs for my audience which generate sales. #ShoutersChat

— Vishwajeet Kumar (@vishwa328) March 3, 2018

A3) "The quality of the product or service." "Do I know everything about this product??" "Can I trust it??" "Can I share it with my loved ones??" And "Will my audience need this kind of product??" #ShoutersChat

— Bishnu Mahali (@itsBishnuMahali) March 3, 2018

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Q4. How do you promote affiliate products to your audience?

Promote Affiliate Products

From the Shouter community:

A4. I usually Promote affiliate products through my blog by writing reviews about them. I am also promoting it through email marketing. Coupons are also great way to promote affiliate products because everybody likes discounts. #ShoutersChat

— Vishwajeet Kumar (@vishwa328) March 3, 2018

A4) I'm currently promoting affiliated products with my contents on blog as review articles and from my @YouTube channel. The next move is target with email marketing. #ShoutersChat

— Bishnu Mahali (@itsBishnuMahali) March 3, 2018

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Q5. What are your goals regarding affiliate marketing this year?

Affiliate Marketing Goals

From the Shouter community:

A5. My Goal for affiliate marketing in this year to to try different promotional activities like YouTube, Social Media Advertising etc. I will also try paid advertising options. My focus will be increase more revenue This year. #ShoutersChat

— Vishwajeet Kumar (@vishwa328) March 3, 2018

My first goal this year is to earn my first $500 dollars, and i think that's achievable

— AffGrowthBlog (@aff_growth) March 3, 2018

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