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Andrea McLean's marriage nearly CALLED OFF during ceremony: 'Stop the wedding!'

Andrea McLean's marriage nearly CALLED OFF during ceremony: 'Stop the wedding!'

The 48-year-old brunette beauty gushed about the day as she showed her co-stars snaps from the ceremony and wedding reception, but admitted that one A-list guest nearly caused some serious trouble.

"That was us, we'd literally just said our vows," the Loose Women star explained, gazing at a loved-up picture of her and her new husband, adding: "Can I just say, the vows that nearly never happened because of Nicky Johnston.

"When it got to that bit - 'Does anyone here know any reason?' - he went, 'Well, actually," Andrea said, recalling how the famous photographer interrupted proceedings.

"We laughed and the lady went, 'Stop the wedding!' The whole thing ground to a halt and she said, 'This is a legal binding ceremony and you have just said that there is a reason why these two should not'," she continued, laughing nervously. "And he was going, 'No, no, no I was only joking!'

"She went, 'I don't care if you were only joking. This whole thing could be cancelled right now’."

Luckily, the official decided to forgive the incident, Andrea informed her pals, saying: "We all sort of stopped and looked at each other and she said, 'But I'll let you carry on. Carry on!'

"It was one of those things that the bigger the disaster you survive, the funnier it is later," she laughed. "Now it's hilarious."

Andrea's wedding sparked intrigue among Loose Women fans after it was revealed that panellist Katie Price, 39, was absent from the celebration.

A representative for Katie confirmed that the star was not invited to her co-star's nuptials, telling that the Mail Online's report was accurate.

"Every Loose Woman seems to be there part from Katie," a source told the publication. "Katie was never invited."

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