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'Big boy' alligator wanders into Florida family's garage

'Big boy' alligator wanders into Florida family's garage

May 15 (UPI) -- A Florida woman said she received a shock when she walked into her garage to discover an alligator hissing at her from the middle of the floor.

Katherine Purnell of Longwood said she backed her car out of her garage in the Sweetwater Oaks area to move some items and when she returned about five minutes later there was a gator hissing at her from a rug near her family's workout equipment.

"It was a shock I didn't expect it, so when I saw its mouth open and hissing, I screamed," Purnell told WOFL-TV. "We made noise, to help it move along, so we watched it crawl out."

Purnell said the approximately 6-foot alligator didn't act aggressive or threatening, so she and her family allowed it to leave on its own.

"I think it was just as scared as we were," Purnell said. "It ended up moving and moving on, but it was a big boy."

Experts said the alligator mating season is underway, causing the reptiles to wander from their usual haunts in search of mates. A Sarasota County sheriff's deputy removed another alligator from a garage in Sarasota earlier this month.