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Carmelo makes $5M investment in pizza restaurants, sports bars

Carmelo makes $5M investment in pizza restaurants, sports bars

Taking a cue from LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony has decided to become the NBA's next pizza entrepreneur.

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The Oklahoma City Thunder forward has invested $5 million in the Bronx-based Nobodys Pizza and is working with Somerset Hospitality Group to expand the restaurant nationwide, according to Jennifer Gould Keil of the New York Post. Somerset Hospitality Group has also partnered with The Ainsworth, the pub chain behind the 24-karat gold chicken wings that recently went viral.

"I am excited about the prospects of partnering with The Ainsworth and Nobody's Pizza - combining food, entertainment, sports, and real estate," Anthony said in a statement.

Somerset founder Keith Rubenstein told Keil the current plan is to launch 20 to 30 side-by-side locations of Nobodys Pizza and The Ainsworth near sports stadiums across the United States over the next seven years.