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Dale Winton death: Star’s final wish fulfilled after friend Gloria slams ‘suicide’ claims

Dale Winton death: Star’s final wish fulfilled after friend Gloria slams ‘suicide’ claims

The Supermarket Sweep host died on 18 April aged 62, with his cause of death currently unknown.

The star’s wish was to have “as many people as possible” at his funeral and now, his eulogy has been made publicly to read.

Dale’s funeral took place in London last month, with a host of guests including Piers Morgan, Gloria Hunniford and David Walliams in attendance.

His wish was to have many attendees at his Humanist funeral service and now, Humanists UK have preserved his funeral tribute in the new Humanist Funeral Tribute Archive, held at the Bishopsgate Institute.

Details of his extraordinary life and successful showbiz career is publicly available to read.

Humanist funerals and memorial services focus sincerely and affectionately on the person who has died, paying tribute to the connections they left behind and the way they lived.

Humanists UK’s Chief Executive Andrew Copson commented: “We are delighted that through the new Funeral Tribute Archive we were able to help fulfil one of Dale Winton’s last wishes - that as many people as possible would be able to attend his funeral.”

Following Dale’s funeral, his good friend Gloria, 78, spoke out about rumours centering around his cause of death.

Speaking on Loose Women last month, she said: “He had his assistant in the house and had a cup of coffee and a chat, he was fine.

“He then said, 'Do you know what, I'm not feeling great', so he went upstairs for a bath or a shower.

"She thought it was a bit quiet, so went upstairs in half an hour's time and sadly found him dead in his bed."

Slamming rumours that he took his own life, she went on: “I just think it's so sad when people say he took his own life.

"This has really upset me in the intervening time - so many people have said, 'It's such a shame he committed suicide'.

“But he didn’t. He did not commit suicide and I'm keen to set the record straight."

The talk show host added that Dale had multiple health problems ahead of his death, including a chest infection, arthritis and asthma.

She revealed: "Dale had a lot of things going wrong.

“He had a lot of pain from arthritis, a heart complaint and had a really bad chest infection. He had asthma as well."

Gloria also informed her panellists and ITV viewers that a coroner's report into the star’s death is due imminently.

She added: “We will then know whether he died from a heart complaint.”