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Deadpool 2's ending explained

Deadpool 2's ending explained

One thing that's bound to bug some fans is the fact that Deadpool 2 apparently filmed, and then cut, a scene in which Deadpool goes back in time to smother Baby Hitler in his crib.

The deleted scene is set up during the apartment encounter between DP's crew and Cable, when a baby-legged Deadpool floats the classic "if I had a time machine" premise of stopping the world's worst Fuhrer before he so much as takes a first step. In the final cut of the movie, the line ends up not going anywhere. But in at least one version, assembled prior to the theatrical release, that line ends up going to some very dark places.

Originally, the last stop on Wade Wilson's Excellent Time Travel Tour was somewhere in Austria in the year 1889. Originally — and please read this sentence slowly — this tentpole studio action-comedy ended with its hero suffocating Baby Hitler to death. It's arguably the most heroic thing anyone's ever done in a superhero movie — but did it go too far?

Well, someone thought so. According to Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, two of the movie's sick, depraved screenwriters, the scene was cut because the implications were just too uncomfortable to end the movie on. 

"I think it was cut just because, it was at the very, very end," Wernick said. "And it left the audience with this, 'Oh?' It's like, 'Sure, it's baby Hitler, but it is a baby. It's kind of weird to watch that!"