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Deadpool is really a 'romantic comedy'

'Deadpool' is a "romantic comedy disguised as a superhero movie", co-writer Paul Wernick has claimed.

The 2016 blockbuster - which stars Ryan Reynolds in the lead role and as his alter ego Wade Wilson - did far better at the box office than people expected and co-writer Wernick believes that was down to its love story between the main character and his girlfriend Vanessa.

He said: "Rhett and I always try to inject heart and humour into our stories. 'Deadpool' was really a romantic comedy disguised as a superhero movie. We tested higher with women than men."

And Reynolds, thinks audiences picked up on the passion of himself and the co-creators.

He said: "It seems silly to characterise a comic book movie as a passion project, but it was a bunch of people doing something they loved to an almost unhealthy degree. I think the audience connected with that. There's something authentic about that."