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Division I football players can play up to 4 games and still redshirt, NCAA rules

Division I football players can play up to 4 games and still redshirt, NCAA rules

A new NCAA rule allows Division I football players to play up to four games in a season and still be eligible for a redshirt. The rule will be effective for the 2018-19 season. 

Players have five years to compete in four seasons of eligibility, and the old rules often cost a player a year of eligibility after playing just a short amount of the season due to injury. 

Now, if a player plays up to four games before getting injured, the team can still redshirt him and not lose a year of eligibility.

The rule can also, in theory, allow coaches some extra time to use players through four games to figure out who should be redshirted and who the team wants to use. 

LSU coach Ed Orgeron has spoken in favor of this rule change in the past. 

Council-chair Blake James, also the athletic director at Miami, said in a statement this rule should benefit both players and programs. 

"This change promotes not only fairness for college athletes, but also their health and well-being. Redshirt football student-athletes are more likely to remain engaged with the team, and starters will be less likely to feel pressure to play through injuries," James said. "Coaches will appreciate the additional flexibility and ability to give younger players an opportunity to participate in limited competition."

The Division I Student-Athlete Experience Committee will consider the implementation of a similar rule for other sports and what number of games would be appropriate.