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Gay pride flag creates a stir in Maine veterans park

Gay pride flag creates a stir in Maine veterans park

A gay pride flag in Maine is creating a stir among some members of the community.


The town of Ogunquit is flying the flag in Veterans Park for LGBT Pride Month.

“I was absolutely shocked. I couldn’t believe that someone was even considering it," said veteran John Mixon.

The flag is displayed alongside the POW MIA flag, American flag and Maine’s flag.

Mixon says he has no problem with the gay pride flag, but just doesn’t want it flying in the park.

Town manager Pat Finnegan disagrees.

“The rainbow flag represents that we have a significant number of people who come to Ogunquit partly because of our welcoming nature to gay people, and we want to recognize their contributions to this town," she said.

She hopes to hold a community forum to discuss the issue, but for now, the town plans to display the flag in Veterans Park.

“If it flew 25 yards over there on the front porch, I'd go to the celebration. Nobody would care. But to put it in Veterans Park and disrespect veterans, it's a travesty," said Mixon.