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Group training dogs to detect medical problems

Group training dogs to detect medical problems

There are service dogs for anxiety and other disorders, but one New Orleans group is training dogs to sniff out medical problems.

The McDonough family traveled from Minnesota so 4-year-old Dagny McDonough could meet her new best friend, who could be a lifeline.


Dagny likes to run and play freely, but her parents keep a close eye on her blood-glucose monitor. Dagny was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in April.

Even though her mother is a nurse, having a sick child is tough.

"We had some really scary lows at the beginning of her diagnosis and I just knew that we needed any tool that we could have," Kelly McDonough said.

The family traveled from just outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota to meet their new four-legged family member. Dagny will be partnered with a dog trained by Southern Diabetic Retrievers. The dogs can sniff out changes in blood glucose.