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Iggy dishes on NBA golfers: Curry 'so solid'

Iggy dishes on NBA golfers: Curry 'so solid'
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Montana Pritchard/PGA of America / PGA of America / Getty

Andre Iguodala spent Friday on the links at the PGA Championship, working for TNT and offering up his growing knowledge of the game. He also revealed some information about who are the best - and most talkative - golfers in the NBA.

Warriors teammate Stephen Curry, of course, is pretty good, having just competed in a tour event.

"He's so solid, man," Iguodala said of Curry to USA Today's Luke Kerr-Dineen. "He's about a scratch. He's a ways away from me at the moment, but I'm shooting for him. I'll get him when I retire."

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Iguodala also spilled that a certain Cleveland Cavaliers nemesis is a good golfer.

"I play the most golf with Steph, because he’s my teammate obviously. Played a bit with Klay (Thompson) too ... J.R. Smith is a really good golfer, and Gerald Henderson is close to a scratch," he said, adding that the Raptors' Kyle Lowry has his own reputation on the course.

"Apparently Kyle Lowry’s good," Iguodala said. "I heard he talks a lot of trash. A lot."