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Kerry Katona weight loss: Atomic Kitten star shows new body in raunchy Instagram pictures

Kerry Katona weight loss: Atomic Kitten star shows new body in raunchy Instagram pictures

Kerry Katona, 37, has transformed her body in recent months thanks to a huge weight loss.

The 5ft 2in former Atomic Kitchen singer looks remarkably different to how she used to.

In pictures shared on her Instagram in recent days, she showed off her toned abs and flat stomach.

Kerry looked healthy and glowing as she appeared on Loose Women earlier today to discuss her former cocaine addiction with Daniella Westbrook.

So how did she manage to lose so much weight? She had spoken out about her weight loss secret.

Back in March, Kerry told OK magazine that early morning yoga sessions had helped.

Daily yoga had helped her keep her abs tight and aided her weight loss transformation.

She said: “[It's] just yoga. Every morning I get up at 5.30am, go to my front room, switch on my TV and do half an hour.

"Sometimes the kids do it with me before the school run. I've got abs from all the core work."

The TV personality has formerly had liposuction, undergoing her last of three procedures last 2016.

However, she told the publication that it had not helped her to keep the weight off.

She said: “The best way to lose weight is exercise; every time I've had surgery, I've put the weight straight back on."

Kerry has also been taken weight loss shakes to help her lose weight, she told OK! Online.

She said: ”I’m doing Herbal Life now just like Danielle Armstrong, and it's really worked for me.

I have two shakes a day and also do pilates and weights and yoga. I feel fitter than ever and I look great."

Kerry first debuted her incredible weight loss on Loose Women last February.

On the programme, she credited slimming injections for changing her body.

She has coupled this with eating well and exercise, but in the past has credited the bulk of her weight loss with the injections.

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Ampika Pickston, who Kerry has been living with since October, signed her friend up for the injections. Kerry has them with Skinny Revolution, at a cost of £250-a-month.

“Appearing on Loose Women, Kerry further detailed her weight loss. She said: "I feel really in control in my life right now and I think exercise is one of those things that’s made me feel on top of the world again.

"This is the best headspace I’ve been in in a long long time. I’m in a relationship with myself and learning to love me.