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LSU pays some women $20K less than men of the same rank: report

LSU pays some women $20K less than men of the same rank: report

Some women employed at LSU earn $20,000 to $30,000 less than their male counterparts, depending on the college where they work, according to a report from The Advocate on a preliminary study comparing the salaries of the university's faculty.

Accounting professor Christine Cheng told the newspaper the study is still underway to put its findings into context, but said "the numbers are correct." Cheng took the total wages of LSU's nearly 1,300 faculty and calculated the average monthly pay to make the comparisons for an entire year.

Figures from the Board of Regents show the 247 instructors at LSU made $47,520 on average last year, and LSU's 425 professors made an average of $115,443. Cheng told the newspaper the woman made less than men in each ranking for the most part. For example, male professors at the LSU Law Center make $28,947 more than their female counterparts, and male instructors at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine receive $9,212 more than female ones per year on average.

Cheng said researchers "shouldn't have seen the huge differences of pay" at the instructor level because they generally have similar roles and experience levels.

The findings come as Louisiana continues to deal with its place as second in the nation for the greatest wage gap between men and women. In Louisiana, women make 32 cents less on average per dollars of wages than men. That gap increases to 42 cents for Asian women, 49 cents for Latina women and 52 cents for black women.

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