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Susanna Reid relives THAT awkward Dan Stevens interview: ‘Giggling like a fool'

Susanna Reid relives THAT awkward Dan Stevens interview: ‘Giggling like a fool'

The mother-of-three has found herself once again reliving that awkward moment after Dan referred to it in a recent interview.

During a chat with The Guardian, Dan, 35, said his most embarrassing moment was talking with Susanna, 46, back in 2014.

“Giggling like a fool on Good Morning Britain when I was promoting The Guest,” he said.

“Susanna Reid was surprised that a Brit was playing the role and said, ‘Did you have to beat off a lot of American men to get the part?’ My response was to laugh hysterically.”

Earlier today, Susanna tweeted a picture of the interview and captioned it: “When you’ve made an impression on a Hollywood star but for the wrong reason.”

At the time, Susanna responded to Dan’s laughing by asking him: “Why does that make you giggle, did you not have to beat them off with a big stick?”

While he continued to chuckle, she quipped: “And compose yourself,” before rephrasing the question for the flustered star.

Susanna’s followers were quick to comment on her Twitter post today and share their own memories of that moment.

One wrote: “I was with laughter when you said it, lame but funny. My reaction would have been the same as Dan,” while another added: “Its one of my favourite TV moments.”

A third posted: “I remember that, one of the funniest things I have ever seen,” while a fourth’s cheeky comment read: “I always said your mouth would get you in trouble.”