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Tesla recalls for 53K Model S and Model X cars due to possible parking brake issue

Tesla recalls for 53K Model S and Model X cars due to possible parking brake issue

Tesla has announced a global voluntary recall for 53,000 Model S and X vehicles due to an issue with the electric parking brake. 

The issue stems from the electric parking brakes possibly preventing the parking brake from releasing, the Palo Alto-based company writes on its website. 

"We do not believe this issue could ever lead to a safety concern for our customers, and we have not seen a single accident or injury relating to it," the electric car maker reports. "However, in order to be overly cautious, we are going to be proactively replacing these parts to ensure that no issues arise."

The affected vehicles were built between February and October 2016 as those vehicles could have a small, possible improperly manufactured, gear in them. Tesla says that vehicles are safe for regular use, and that it will send an official recall notice soon. 

"While less than 5% of the vehicles being recalled may be affected by this issue, we are recalling 53,000 vehicles total out of an abundance of caution," Tesla writes. "Because of the design of the gear, it is difficult to tell exactly which vehicles are affected."

Bloomberg notes that this recall covers about 63 percent of the 84,000 vehicles the electric car maker sold in 2016. On Thursday, April 20, Tesla's stock price was down nearly a full percent or $3.01 per share to bring it down to $302.51 at 5:39 p.m.

It has been a noteworthy couple of weeks for Tesla and CEO Elon Musk as it passed GM and Ford in market value, and announced the timeline for its electric pickup and semi-truck. 

Musk said the electric semi-truck is due out in September, and the unveiling of its electric pickup truck in 18 to 24 months. 

The timeline puts both new trucks out for Tesla after it releases its hotly-anticipated Model 3 this summer. The Palo Alto-based company has set the goal of making 5,000 vehicles a week once the production on the Model 3 begins.

The Model 3 will represent a possible turning point for the electric carmaker's sales, as it is expected to fall in the $35,000 range with a range of 215 miles. Tesla reports that the sedan should be available for delivery starting in mid-2018 or later. 

This timeline comes a week after optimism in the electric car maker's future helped it surpass Ford Motor Co. and General Motors in market capitalization.

Market numbers certainly represent optimism in Tesla's future, but it's about the only metric the company stacks up to Ford and GM in. Elon Musk's company sold a tad more than 40,000 vehicles last year, while Ford sold 1 million of just its F-Series and GM sold 574,676 Chevy Silverados.