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Watch: Durant in good spirits, says he hopes to return in Game 3

Watch: Durant in good spirits, says he hopes to return in Game 3
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Kevin Durant is itching to get back on the court.

The Golden State Warriors superstar is eyeing Saturday's tilt against the Trail Blazers for his return to action.

"Really looking forward to going to Portland tomorrow, trying to get to Game 3 on Saturday," he said in a live stream Thursday night.

KD tweaked his left calf during the third quarter of Game 1, but felt good enough to stay in the contest. However, it tightened up and felt sore afterward. The 28-year-old indicated he felt like he could've played in Game 2 on Wednesday, but ultimately didn't because coach Steve Kerr and the training staff decided he'd be better off resting.

The Warriors did just fine without the elite forward they acquired last summer in free agency, beating the Blazers by a cool 29 points. Durant gave props to his teammates for sticking up in his absence.

"Shoutout to the boys. I miss being out there with them. Hopefully I'm out there next game," he said.

"Getting better everyday. Hopefully I can be out there with my teammates, grinding it out, trying to move forward and get a W in Game 3. ... It's a bummer, man. I hate being out. I hate being hurt."

Durant also gave a little tour of his recording studio, and showed off a beat he made.