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World Cup: Shawn Mendes releases song for Portugal

World Cup: Shawn Mendes releases song for Portugal

June 13 (UPI) -- Singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes released a new version of In My Blood Wednesday as the official song for Portugal at the World Cup.

The Canada native posted a video of the revamped chart-topping single on his social media accounts. It is also on the Portuguese Football Federations' YouTube account.

The music video displays the Portuguese national team on the field with Mendes' song playing in the background. The song alternates between English and Portuguese.

"I'll believe! What we are going to achieve, that we will conquer," Mendes sings in Portuguese. "We are Portugal. A single voice and a heart!"

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It shows various Portugal natives singing the song and cheering on the team.

The music video also shows Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates struggling through the lows and celebrating through their triumphs.

"The song aims to inspire Portuguese players and fans for the most media event in the world, which will start on June 14, when Portugal start the competition against Spain on 15 June," the Portuguese Football Federation said in a news release."

"Son of a Portuguese immigrant from Lagos, Shawn Mendes was born in Canada 19 years ago, but he never hid his emotional connection with his father's country of origin and the National Team."

Mendes said Ronaldo is his favorite player.

"I accompany the selections of Portugal and England by the influence of my parents, who came from these countries," Mendes said. "In the World Cup I'm going to cheer especially for Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo, my favorite player and probably one of my biggest sources of inspiration."

Portugal takes on Spain in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup at 2 p.m. Friday at Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi.